The Global Fashion week and awards is an international global platform for fashion brands/businesses, critics, fashion press, manufacturers and distributors of fashion related products, services and/or brands, fashion icons etc.

GFWA is a projects designed as a glamorous celebration of artistry honoring excellence in Fashion .

Global Fashion Week is globally produced and managed by  Face of World is an initiative founded by the organisation, with its team that made of  Goodwill and UN Ambassadors.

With the sole aim of using fashion as a means for cause campaign, the GFWA is aimed at creating a huge awareness for education for less privileged children. through the events charity arm: Society for Child Education Foundation (SCEF). The initiative which was founded in 1999 by face of world foundation, with sole aim of   reformed education and child care activism. also supports prison reform and advancement and global voice on good governance, with face of world organisation project, international centre for global voice initiative.,

According to the organisation, GFWA is also working to reduce illiteracy and better welfare for inmates, and to raise capital for new talents, encourage ideas, new factories, train locals and enlist established designers to get involved in these initiatives, many of whom are based in Africa, Asia, Oceanic and the Caribbeans.
“we think the fashion industry will lead the emergence of so many of the developing economies, So the leadership of the fashion industry have a lot to do to improve this dream.
Global fashion week 2014, will be staged in seven continents of the world, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, NEW YORK,, PARIS,BRAZIL,MEXICO,QATAR AND KENYA, in seven world fashion capitals.
this programme was create to raise awareness on education for all children, world prison reform and advancement and global voice on good governance.the proceeds of this event will be giving to charity


The Global Model Awards undertakes a model search around the Globe from where prospective Models are selected for the grand gala event.
This is a brand of Face of World Organisation and Headline Group.
Hon. Amb. Buchi George is the Initiator, Founder and President/C.E.O


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