Dear slimmites

Dear slimmites,
Whilst I’m here posting beautiful pictures, 230 young beautiful girls have been abducted by the Boko Haram in Borno state for about two weeks now. News report from locals tell @guardiannewspaper that the girls are now being married off to these cruel and heartless men. I can only imagine the anxiety and fear in the hearts of these young teenagers, so unfortunate to be caught in the hands of these guerrillas.
Please let us raise our voices against such inhumanity. This is like a return of slave trade. Abduction. Kidnap. Servitude. Bondage. This is evil. These girls don’t deserve such treatment. Their families are in agony. We cannot condone abduction let alone forced marriages.
Now it’s time to get on twitter to get the attention of both the Nigerian government and international governments. If they are in the forest, we’ll find them. If they’re in the deserts, they’ve got to be rescued and returned to their families.
‪#‎endslavery‬ ‪#‎savethegirlchild‬ ‪#‎rescuemission‬


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